Menu a La Hendrix

Hendrix in now 18 weeks old and those who are following his photos on Instagram (@the_prettypointers) will know that he is getting really big! He now weighs over 19kg and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The last week menu I posted was when he was 12 weeks old so I though I would show you how the big man is eating now.

He is now eating almost 1.4kg of meat per day with some additional veggies which are not included in his daily food weight. They are just extras because he like them. Luna is eating what he is for breakfast and dinner 450g each but she does not have the lunch time bowl.

In addition to these meals once a day they will be a Teaspoon of DE and Garlic mixed into them.



Breakfast: Lean Beef Chunks, Green Tripe and Chopped Chicken Carcass

Lunch: Veal Ribs and Lean Beef Chunks

Dinner: Turkey Tail, Beef Heart, Coconut Oil, Manuka Honey and Spirulina



Breakfast: Turkey Neck Chunks, Turkey Breast Chunks, Chopped Lambs Heart and Cottage Cheese

Lunch: Chicken/Beef and Tripe Mince

Dinner: Half Turkey Wing, Beef Kidney, Cabbage and Carrot



Breakfast: Chicken Leg with Ox Kidney

Lunch: Lambs Liver, Minced Beef, Turkey Chunks and Raw Egg

Dinner: Chicken Leg and Lamb Chunks



Breakfast: Chicken Drummer, Green Tripe, Heart Chunk and Minced Lamb

Lunch: Green Tripe Chunks, Pigs Ear, Lambs Liver, Raw Egg and Cabbage

Dinner: Half Large Salmon Head, Broccoli, Manuka Honey and Cottage Cheese



Breakfast: Green Tripe, Lamb Hearts, Chicken Wings, Manuka Honey and Coconut Oil

Lunch: Turkey Chunks, Beef Chunks, Coconut Oil, Carrot, and Broccoli

Dinner: Veal Ribs, Beef Heart Chunks and Pigs Liver



Breakfast: Lamb Mince, Heart Chunks and Chopped Chicken Carcass

Lunch: Chicken Breast on Bone, Lean Beef Chunks and Ox Liver

Dinner: Beef Trachea, Turkey Tail, Raw Egg, Natural Yoghurt, Coconut Oil, Carrots and Cabbage



Breakfast: Beef Mince and Kidney Chunks

Lunch: Whole Mackerel, Beef Heart Chunks, Lamb and Kiwi

Dinner: Half Whole Pheasant

16 thoughts on “Menu a La Hendrix

    • No this pheasant was bought gutted. If i had access to them with all their organs i would certainly feed them complete with organs and un cleaned. However i would defeather them only because i will be training him to hunt and retrieve pheasants and i do not want him eating what he is supposed to be retrieving. Same with rabbits etc.
      But if i wasnt i would recoment giving feather/fur and all! Its great for their intestines.


  1. I’ve actually been feeding raw from the start, since we had our vizsla. But its so expensive. I recently bought acana 60/20/20 split. I’m now feeding raw with one meal and a high quality kibble for another. Far more cost effective.

    Might go back to raw only when he starts eating less.


    • Raw is not expensive! I was paying £32 per month on kibble and I know pay £34 per month for raw! Hendrix’s food which would be 4 times what is on this page costs only £34.
      I really don’t understand why people seem to think its expensive. You must be buying ready made minced (ground) meats? Where do you live?


  2. Hi James, just to let you know that I had been thinking of switching my vizsla to raw fo r quite a while but your blog and especially the examples of the weekly menus for Luna and Hendrix helped me make this final decision. Toshi has been fed raw since xmas and I will never look back … and all my worries about choking, gulping etc are gone. He eats well, stopped looking for food 5 minutes after he’d been fed and is actually a calmer and happier dog! Thank you for sharing your experience xx


    • That’s wonderful Anna! Glad this could be of help to you 😊
      It’s always great to hear when my posts helps other dogs (and their owners of course)
      Keep up the good work, I’m sure Toshi is very thankful for it 😁🐶👍


  3. Hi! Looks like a great menu. I am not yet in a position to buy/find a lot of those items though. Believe me, I have looked! How do you buy the veal ribs like that? All I have ever seen are veal rib chops and they’re EXPENSIVE.


    • Hi Travis,
      The Veal ribs I buy are excellent value! 5.6kg for £6.40 (or something like that) from a raw food supplier called Landywoods. They are excellent. I also buy veal necks from them too at around the same price.
      Perfect to add with chunks or minced meat.


  4. Hi, this blog has been so useful! Our vizsla is now 5 months and fed raw from the start. She loves it! Though is a bit lazy and picky…if she’s not ravenous she won’t touch anything that requires chewing. Mince is always a safe bet! And she turns her nose up at beef kidney and fresh fish. She seems to be naturally weening off lunch as she never really wants much.

    I see you feed whole mackerel – the bones are pretty small and sharp, how do they get on with them? Do they just swallow them down no problem?

    Thanks again for the blog, very informative and after reading and seeing how beautiful and healthy your dogs are it was the clincher in helping us decide how to feed our vizsla.


    • Thanks Rob! It’s always so rewarding when I get feedback like this.
      Try feeding the kidney frozen. Some dogs just don’t like the texture and frozen sometimes goes down a treat.
      It sounds like she has already decided Lunch isn’t for her. Just go with it and see how she gets on.
      I feed all fish whole now, mackerel, sardines, salmon, trout etc and they chew into it very well. Fish is another great food to feed frozen. Some dogs just find it easier and when trying new fish (plus it’s less mess to clear up after) fish bones are the softest bones out of all animal and are easily digested by dogs without any issues. If you do have any concerns chopping up into smaller pieces is fine but the larger the better as it encourages them to chew. This is why Hendrix was eating whole legs at 8 weeks and now he is a fantastic chewer. The larger the better, also to promote teeth cleaning.
      I hope that helps and keep up the good work 😊👍🏻


  5. I am fascinated by the raw diet for my dogs…I follow you on Instagram and saw that you feed raw and followed your links over here to your blog. You make it all look so easy!! Thank you for all your pictures and suggestions for meal planning and supplements, etc. I have a Great Pyrenees/Chow mix, an Australian Koolie/shephard mix, and an English Pointer. My biggest question for you is where do you get all the meat supplies that you need to feed your dogs (who are beautiful by the way)!! Surely not from the grocery store….but even that would probably be better than what they put in Kibble!
    Thank you!


    • Hi Victoria,
      When I first started raw feeding I got almost all the food from butchers and supermarkets. I still do buy their chicken from Asda. Chicken legs, wings and whole chickens. But I remove the breasts for our dinners. That way works out much cheaper.
      I buy the majority of their food now from a raw food supplier called Landywoods.
      And all of their minced meats I get from a local equestrian shop which is cheaper than Landywoods.

      Here is an extensive list of all the raw suppliers I’ve only just come across this page via a friend and have not really gone through it but she wouldn’t have sent it if it wasn’t good.

      Hope that helps

      James 🙂


  6. I’m interested in feeding my 8 year Vizsla this raw diet. I currently feed her dry kibble food twice a day (1 cup a serving) and she weights 29kg. Should I keep feeding her twice a day? I heard some owners feeding raw once a day and their dogs do just fine.


    • It really does depend on the dog. There is no reason why you can’t feed once a day. However my dogs being extremely active and high metabolism they get sick if only fed once a day.
      Wow 29kg for a female Vizsla is huge. Females should weigh between 18-22kg. When you calculate how much she should be eating on raw make sure you calculate her ideal weight not her actual weight. So if you feed for 22kg you can then up or reduce depending on how she looks.
      To ensure you have the ideal weigh of your dog there is a very simple rule with Vizslas.
      You should be able to see all of their ribs while moving, faint outline of back ribs while standing and none while seated.
      If you can see ribs while standing they are overweight. If you can see ribs while seated they are under weight.
      Hope that helps


      • Yes, I know she is overweight. I had to deal with injury myself for the last 2 years and my wife was going through some stuff too. Unfortunately our Laika was not getting the exercise she was used to. Things are turning around for us and Laika is top priority. That’s why I’ve been researching the whole raw diet. At peak fitness she was 20-22 KG. Should I reduce the amount of food I feed so that there is weight loss for a few weeks? Or should I let the exercise take care of that and feed like a 18-22 kg pup? This is part I’m not too sure about. Any advice would be truly appreciated. Thank you


      • Glad to hear your on the mend.
        Feed for 22kg. You should always feed for their ideal weight if you know it. Then coupled with exercise she will lose it well.
        If you are having some more intense exercise days don’t worry too much about increasing the meals on those days.
        Be aware that the transition to raw will increase the appetite of the dog anyway. Raw digests quicker than processed foods. So it’s normal for them to act hungry. Dont confuse it for you not feeding enough.
        Her body weight will tell you whether your feeding enough of not enough.
        You know your own dog better than anyone. I’m sure you will have no problem getting fighting fit again 👍🏻


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