Feeding Time at the Zoo

I have had tones of great feedback from you guys about the posts containing whats on the menu for my two.

So here is what they have eaten this week.

To let you know where we are at size and portion wise. Hendrix (left bowl) eats 550g-600g twice a day. Luna (right bowl) eats 400g twice a day. This shows you how different dogs need different amounts of food.

While Hendrix is eating more than Luna he is only eating 4% of his body weigh daily. An average puppy at his age (7 months) should really be eating 5% which for 29kg Hendrix would be 1.45kg. However he just doesnt need that much for his body. Luna on the other hand is now 18 months old and would normally be eating around 2-3% of her body weigh. However she is eating almost 4% of her body weight too. She just needs more for her body and metabolism. At Hendrix’s age she was still eating 7%.

So although there are feeding guidelines they are just that, guidelines. They act as a good starting point and then you must alter to fit your dogs needs.

Also on top of their evening meals they all get garlic and Diatomaceous Earth every night as flee, worm and parasite prevention (type parasite into the search bar on this page to find out more). They also get a mixture of Turmeric, Black Pepper, Spirulina, Salmon Oil, Coconut oil and Natural Yogurt. All powders are fully mixed into their meat as to avoid any powders being inhaled when eating which could cause discomfort.

You will see on this weeks menu with have Wood Pigeon quite a few times. If you have been following us on instagram you will know that these pigeons were shot by me and retrieved by Hendrix and Luna as was the Pheasant too. Its about time these dogs worked for their food haha

retrieve 1 retrieve 2


Meal 1) Lean Beef, Lambs Hearts, Liver, Kidney and Egg with shell

Meal 2) Meaty Veal Neck, Beef Mince, Coconut Oil, DE, Turmeric, Spirulina, Garlic and Spinach for Luna.



Meal 1) Whole Wood Pigeon (minus breasts) including all internal organs. Hendrix has lean Lamb Chunks and Luna has Green Tripe.

Meal 2) Half Salmon Head (whole head weighed 1.4kg)



Meal 1) Half whole Pheasant, Half Pigs Heart and Tin of Sardines and Egg for Hendrix

Meal 2) Lean Beef Chunks, Green Tripe and Chicken Wings

4 3


Meal 1) Liver Chunks, Kidney Chunks, Lamb Mince and Chicken Breast on Bone

Meal 2) Lean Beef Chunks, Lean Lamb Chunks, Chicken Wings

15 14


Meal 1) Whole Wood Pigeon (minus breasts) with Lean Beef Chunks

Meal 2) Whole Sardines, Green Tripe with Chicken for Hendrix and Lamb for Luna

12 7


Meal 1) Whole Sardines, Pigs Hearts and a Chicken Wing

Meal 2) Veal Ribs, Green Tripe, Lamb Mince with a Egg

11 6


Meal 1) Whole Pigeon (minus breast) Green Tripe and Beef Mince

Meal 2) Meaty Veal Neck, Liver Chunks, Kidney Chunks, Egg and Broccoli Stems

9 10

9 thoughts on “Feeding Time at the Zoo

  1. Hey, sorry for off topic, but, some time ago I had read about you routine cutting nails for your vizslas, but I can’t find it now… (search doesn’t give any result)… Is it deleted? Can you help me finding it?


    • No that wasn’t me.
      Funnily enough I have literally just cut my dogs nails half hour ago!!
      I use a simple manual dog nail clipper then after all nails are clipper I use a nail file to smooth them out. Hope that helps 🙂


  2. How do you cut your salmon heads in half? I recently got got salmon heads, and they’re quite big as well.

    Also, do you freeze your salmon for a couple of weeks to inactivate parasites? I know liver flukes are possible in salmon (but mostly in pacific salmon, mine were caught in the Atlantic).



    • The salmon which I buy says it’s from either Scotland or Norway so no need for me to freeze however I it is usually frozen when I buy and goes straight into my freezer anyway.
      Any salmon from North America should be frozen. But to be on the safe side I would advise to freeze all salmon. I don’t personally tho.
      I just use a large kitchen knife and cut straight down the middle. It’s not easy, especially when frozen but it works 👍🏻


  3. Hi James,
    I want to go healthy and anti-chemicals from now on for flea and worm treatment so want to replace Advocate by DE and Garlic…. however, I read that Garlic is among the food/ingredients to avoid as poisoness like ognons… Can you please give me your advice on this one? how often can i feed DE and garlic and how much?


    • Hi Veronique, it’s a huge misconception that dogs cannot eat garlic when in fact it has amazing benefits for them. If you type ‘Garlic’ into the search bar top right you will find my article on garlic, why Vets say it’s poisonous, how to feed and why 👍🏻


  4. Hi,

    Fab blog and thanks for all the info..i have a male Wirehaired Vizsla named Jackson ~ he’s a handsome lad had him since he was 8 weeks young he’s now 21 months and weighs 27kg…loves his raw food inc. Day to day changes of Sardines eggs and some greens Spinach/Kale im current feeding him 1000g (4% body weight) but i think he might need more…i do 4~5 miles every 2nd day with him off the lead so hes doing around 20~30miles i reckon…hes an apex machine in his element when out in the hills and Cairngorms of Aberdeen and Shire …due to our daily routines hes very muscular with no fat reserves at all…theres a solid pinch on his ribs and are visual…WHV are generally lean dogs i dont want to overfeed him and maybe cause upset stomachs but do you think he’s turning all this raw food to muscle and burning off everything with our fitness days? I read somewhere about introducing Carbs to his diet but need to read more…all info welcomed…thanks again for a great blog

    Ally n Jackson


    • Hi Ally,
      The guidelines are just that. Every dog is different and fit strong dogs like Vizslas who do run like mad need much more than your average dog. Both of my dogs get 4% every day.
      As for the carbs. Never ever!
      Dogs do not need them what so ever. Carbs are used in the dog food industry as cheap fillers. They are bad for the dogs health and put unnecessary strain on their digestive system. No pasta, rice, white potato, wheat etc.. you will be counteracting all the good that the raw food diet is doing to his body.
      If you feel like Jackson needs more up his quantity. Then if you start to see he is putting on a little weight. Decrease.
      Hope that helps.


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