Rawsome Treats!

This is one of the most frequently asked question I get. What do you do for treats???

I DO NOT feed any biscuits or grains of any kind! Whats the point in giving them a highly nutritious healthy raw diet and then giving them some processed junk full of carbs, preservatives, E numbers, and tones of other junk like Bonios or dog biscuit shapes???

Well my everyday treat is Liver. I take 50g of Lambs liver out with me on our daily walks and its used for everything from recall to posing for photos. My dogs absolutely LOVE it! They will do anything for it, which is why I use it.

Now liver can be gross. Pigs and Beef liver STINKS, but Lambs liver doesn’t seem to be as bad so I opt for this. I also pan sear it for 10 seconds on a hot pan just to take away the stickiness which makes it more pleasant to handle.

For treats which I want to last longer for when the dogs are being left in their crates or I have somebody coming to the house and I want to keep them calm, I use Dehydrated Treats. Dehydrating treats is the most nutritious way to preserve food – enzymes, vitamins, and minerals aren’t destroyed by high canning temperatures.

Pigs ears, Beef Strips, Tripe Sticks, Bully Sticks and Chicken Strips.

These can be bought from your local supermarket. Aldi have a huge range of dehydrated and dried treats.

But you can also make these healthy treats yourself! Buying a Dehydrator and doing it yourself can be easier and cheaper than you think. This is the one I have and I got It from ebay for only £25!!


I usually give a small treat before bedtime too which is given to them for running to their beds when I ask.

I have been trying various store bought treats recently as I came across some new Natures Menu treats in Pets at Home.


My dogs absolutely loved these. They are all natural and full of goodness. However each bag is about £4 and all you get is 50g!!! 

So tonight I have decided to make my own!!


  • 500g Beef
  • 250g Lamb
  • 150g Garden Peas
  • 1 x Large Carrot
  • 1 x Skinned and cored Apple
  • 2 x Teaspoon of Cinnamon
  • 2 x Raw Eggs


First of all chop up the carrot and apple and put into a food blender with the peas and blitz.


Mix your blitzed veg up with the meat and then portion up into small nugget sized portions. Remember once they have been dehydrated they will be much smaller.


Place in the oven on a low heat around 140 degrees for 10 minutes.

Why do I put them in the oven first? Because the moisture, fat and other junk which comes out at the start is disgusting and you certainly do not want it clogging up your dehydrator. Below is a pic of all the junk which came out after 10 mins. Make sure you put this into your bin as it may block your sink if you put it down.


Then after blotting the underside of the nuggets with a paper towel place onto your dehydrator and set at 60.c for 6-8 hours.


Keep rotating your trays because the bottom tray received more heat than the rest. To ensure all is dehydrated equally I swap the trays every hour.

Check them to see if they are completely dehydrated as if they are not they will go off quickly! I made the mistake of not dehydrating chicken heart enough and after a couple of days I opened the box and Pheeewww its stunk and the box was sticky! Fully dehydrated treats can be left out in a dry box for a long time. However to be make sure all is fresh bag up into weekly portions and freeze.

Here is the finished product. The dogs have been going absolutely mad for them! I have put them in a sealed glass jar to keep them as fresh as possible for as long as possible.


Let me know if you make up your own batch. I would love to know what your dogs think too!! 😀