Menu a La Hendrix

Hendrix in now 18 weeks old and those who are following his photos on Instagram (@the_prettypointers) will know that he is getting really big! He now weighs over 19kg and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The last week menu I posted was when he was 12 weeks old so I though I would show you how the big man is eating now.

He is now eating almost 1.4kg of meat per day with some additional veggies which are not included in his daily food weight. They are just extras because he like them. Luna is eating what he is for breakfast and dinner 450g each but she does not have the lunch time bowl.

In addition to these meals once a day they will be a Teaspoon of DE and Garlic mixed into them.



Breakfast: Lean Beef Chunks, Green Tripe and Chopped Chicken Carcass

Lunch: Veal Ribs and Lean Beef Chunks

Dinner: Turkey Tail, Beef Heart, Coconut Oil, Manuka Honey and Spirulina



Breakfast: Turkey Neck Chunks, Turkey Breast Chunks, Chopped Lambs Heart and Cottage Cheese

Lunch: Chicken/Beef and Tripe Mince

Dinner: Half Turkey Wing, Beef Kidney, Cabbage and Carrot



Breakfast: Chicken Leg with Ox Kidney

Lunch: Lambs Liver, Minced Beef, Turkey Chunks and Raw Egg

Dinner: Chicken Leg and Lamb Chunks



Breakfast: Chicken Drummer, Green Tripe, Heart Chunk and Minced Lamb

Lunch: Green Tripe Chunks, Pigs Ear, Lambs Liver, Raw Egg and Cabbage

Dinner: Half Large Salmon Head, Broccoli, Manuka Honey and Cottage Cheese



Breakfast: Green Tripe, Lamb Hearts, Chicken Wings, Manuka Honey and Coconut Oil

Lunch: Turkey Chunks, Beef Chunks, Coconut Oil, Carrot, and Broccoli

Dinner: Veal Ribs, Beef Heart Chunks and Pigs Liver



Breakfast: Lamb Mince, Heart Chunks and Chopped Chicken Carcass

Lunch: Chicken Breast on Bone, Lean Beef Chunks and Ox Liver

Dinner: Beef Trachea, Turkey Tail, Raw Egg, Natural Yoghurt, Coconut Oil, Carrots and Cabbage



Breakfast: Beef Mince and Kidney Chunks

Lunch: Whole Mackerel, Beef Heart Chunks, Lamb and Kiwi

Dinner: Half Whole Pheasant